Wind Daughter

Wind Daughter

Panther Wind Woman

Ceremonialist & Healer

Wind Daughter is the adopted daughter of Bear Heart, a Muskogee Creek elder.  Among her many duties,

Wind Daughter has pledged to Spirit to act as Keeper of the Beta Star Bundle and Caretaker of the Black Lodge

and its altars.  She has served as Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society since 1996,

following in the steps of the late Sun Bear and Wabun Wind since 1983.​ 

The Society was founded by the late Sun Bear, of Ojibway descent.

In late 2006, after receiving guidance through prayer, reflection, and consultation, Wind Daughter gave name to her own vision, the Panther Lodge Medicine Society.  Continuing today, Wind Daughter carries the Medicine Bundle and Teachings forward into a new era, as the Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society.


After many years of teaching independently, Wind Daughter founded her spiritually oriented center,

West Winds, in 1992.  In 2006, Wind Daughter found a home for West Winds 

in the beautiful Ozark mountains of Arkansas.

In 2019, West Winds has moved to the new Ceremonial Home and grounds in Mobile, Alabama.

Since beginning her journey with her gift of drum and song many years ago, Wind Daughter has built a program of experiential workshops and retreats to facilitate others in renewing their relationship with Mother Earth, and to reach within themselves to sustain their spirits.  As a trained Ceremonialist, Wind Daughter works with regional circles and groups, as well as national and international events, to assist others on their path of healing. 


Wind Daughter's workshops, events and gatherings are experiential to nourish the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Healing can come forth to those who feel the experience of the medicine. She also facilitates an entire range of women's teachings, as practiced in the West Winds Women's Gatherings and workshops. 

In 2001, after studying for many years under Grandfather Bear Heart, Wind Daughter was given his permission to conduct quests for personal vision in his tradition as Into the Silence as

"Spirit guides her for generations to come".

Bear Heart & Wind Daughter
Wind Daughter & Sun Bear

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Wind Daughter, Panther Wind Woman


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