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Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society


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13 Interesting Categories of Teachings

Messages from Wind Daughter

Ceremonies, Rituals & Altars

Indigenous Spirituality

Medicine Wheel Teachings

Prayers, Quotes & Insights

Medicine Songs & Drumming

Story Telling

Sacred Rites

Photo & Video Albums

Cosmology & Astrology

Metaphysics and more

Shamanic Art of Healing

13 Additional Categories - How to Heal:

Blessings Medicine

Light Medicine

Mind Medicine

Movement Medicine

Nature Beauty Medicine

Plant Medicine

Sound Medicine

Smudging Medicine

Touch Medicine

Visual Medicine

Sovereignty Medicine

Members Only  Monthly Newsletters

List of some Teachings sent out to Members

13 Clan Mother Teachings Series

The Meaning of Dreams

Hollow Bone Teachings

Make a Prayer Cloth Altar

Medicine Wheel Contest

Honoring Our Ancestors

Moon Honoring Ceremony

Children of the Heart

Language of the Trees

Grandmother Speaks

Invitation to Magnolia Cottage

Honoring the Sacred Pipe

Member & Subscriber Invitation to Virtual Gatherings

Suggested Love Donation according to your value & means

​Join Grandmother in her virtual Panther Medicine Lodge

on a Sunday of each month

  • Virtual Medicine Teachings

  • Virtual Drum & Sing

  • Virtual Ceremonies


Thank you for supporting the important spiritual work of Grandmother !


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Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society

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    • Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society
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