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CD Reprinted with new Artwork  $23.95 USD

Join Wind Daughter as she drums and sings each song for the Stone People 

on the Medicine Wheel.

Medicine Wheel Diagram included with CD.

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List of Songs on CD

1. Dedication & Introduction to the Vision of the Wheel

2. Gathering Song

3. Creator Song

4. Earth Mother

5. Father Sun

6. Grandmother Moon

7. Earth Element - Turtle Clan

8. Water Element - Frog Clan

9. Fire Element - Thunderbird Clan

10. Air Element - Butterfly Clan

11. Spirit Keep of the North - Waboose

12. Spirit Keeper of the East - Wabun

13. Spirit Keeper of the South - Shawnodese

14. Spirit Keeper of the West - Mudjekeewis

15. Totems of the North - Snow Goose, Otter, Cougar

16. Totems of the East - Red Hawk, Beaver, Deer

17. Totems of the South - Flicker, Sturgeon, Brown Bear

18. Totems of the West - Raven, Snake, Elk

19. Spirit Pathway of the North

20. Spirit Pathway of the East

21. Spirit Pathway of the South

22. Spirit Pathway of the West

23. Thanksgiving Chant

24. Song of Completion

25. Thanking Sun Bear

26. Epilogue

27. "Medicine Wheel" in honor of the late Kate Wolf


Blessings & Good Medicine,

Wind Daughter Panther Wind Woman



CD "Singing With the Wheel"

  • Enjoy the Bear Tribe songs while honoring a Medicine Wheel.



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