The Great Central Sun

The Sun and the Moon rise and fall each day. The Sun is always in communication with us, just as is the Moon. They tell us to connect to the music of life, asking us to play the metaphorical flute to put us into rhythm and rhyme of illumination, and clarity that is fluxing and flowing through us. They are the true nurturer of our blood expression of understanding the menstrual cycle of life. The blood of the Earth flows through us, reconnecting us to the Sacred Earth Mother of the feminine. The Sacred Feminine fluxes and flows inside us. The music of life is the flow of our menstrual cycle.

Red Coral of the ocean represents the water while turquoise is the soil of the Earth Mother. When red coral and turquoise gemstones are worn together, they signify our parents, Mother Earth and Father Sky. They give a promise to Souls on Earth to protect and nurture all creatures that are connected by the family ties of red blood. These Souls are called the Red Earth People.

Rock Art

Sun Honoring

We all share reality with the Sun. Everything in our reality shares some form of spiritual photo synthesis. We can engage our minds via our bodies to process a natural photo synthesis. We can allow the natural energy of the Sun to connect to us. We can acknowledge that we are beams of light. Our memories are stored in the light. This reality expresses many forms of perception. Light is the basis of perception. Choose to engage the actual photo synthesis of the Sun to draw in its energy to your body, mind and Spirit, so you can transform and express more light. Engage with the Sun.

We need to be in the Sun to activate the third eye. It requires Sunlight for it to open like a flower. Let the Sun upon your face. When we as men and women connect with the Sun, we can co-create in our world according to the amount of light that is taken into us from the Sun. This spiritual manifestation will assist us in motivation and inspiration as a spark of the mystical.

Rock Art

Even if women no longer have a menstrual cycle, it is still a part of all us, a way to illuminate ourselves and to know that we all still have a cycle of rhythm. When your menstrual cycle ceases, you might have lower Moon energy, so you need more Sun energy to energize yourself. Sun needs to get on the skin and face to recharge the human body. If you only have night energy, it will be very disturbing energy for you. It is best to balance the day-night energies.

Sun Dance Painting by Paul Tokarski

Sun Dance

Once a year the Indigenous people of North America celebrate the Sun Dance honoring the Sacred Tree of Life. It is called this because Grandfather Sun is honored (not worshiped). The Sun is a source of love and warmth on Earth Mother. It gives light to all green and growing things so that we may survive. It protects us from darkness of thought, heart, or total night. The Sun Dancers are Warriors of the People protecting their nations from enemies, loss of courage, and the dark night of the Soul when fears take over. Men and women seek courage and strength from the Sun to over come pain; and to become protectors of their people, their culture and beliefs. The Dance honors the continuance of human life on Earth.

Sun setting at Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Sun Gazing

Do this process of Sun Gazing, except with your eyes closed. It is harmful to the eyes to look directly at the Sun. But with the eyes closed, you can engage the fullest of its being. Through your eyelids, the Sun comes through as it creates a red glow and energy that goes through to the brain to the natural process of perception as it engages that light.

It comes into our brains and we begin the natural visualization process. It is a simple thing to connect the left and right parts of the brain, so that it is just a globe of light. That globe of light travels down the synaptic nerve, down the spinal column to each cell and every atom in the body until we are a glowing light. That is a way to recharge ourselves. The mystical can be part of our clarity in just moments. That basic construct is probably one of the most valuable things that you can regularly do.

Rufino at Gateway to the Sun at Tiwanaku, Akapana pyramid near Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Sun Ceremony

Best to smudge yourself first. Close your eyes and look in the direction of the Sun but not straight at it. Hold up your arms in a welcoming manner. Call on the attention of the Sun. Give thanks for all that it has given us, the food that we eat, fires in our homes to warm us, to cook our food, to light our lamps, the fire in our hearts and to be able to visually see our world around us with light. Give thanks for the sacred fires that we pray around and the fire that lights our Sacred Pipes. Let the gift of Vitamin D into your body that activates your immune system. Ask the Sun to transmit the energetic codes to you for growth, and connection to the one Great Mystery Source.

The Great Central Sun by White Cloud Woman of the Four Winds

- honoring the teachings of Wind Daughter, Andrew Bartzis and Jamie Sams

Fifth World Sun Prayer


FatherSky speaks.

"I am a new Sun,

Shining a new life into your being So that the seeds will grow

Into new plants, new foods, new trees.

And the creatures will eat this new food

And become new beings.

And the waters will drink this new life

And become transformed.

And the air will breathe this new light

And become aware.

The Two-Leggeds will eat the Sacred Foods

And become new people,

Children of the new sun.

They will grow new eyes to see beauty, as never seen before.

They will grow new ears, so that they can hear inner wisdom clearly.

They will grow new hands, so they can touch with their hearts.

They will grow new thoughts, so they can create peace.

They will grow new hearts, so that they can love unconditionally."

-Unknown author

Honoring the Sun Exercise

Yoga Poses

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