You are the Healer

A metaphysical healer takes many forms. Some can help you sharpen your focus and strengthen or gain clarity on your intention. Some can remove energies, imprints, intrusions, thought forms, attachments and entities from the energy body when you are ready. Some can transmit light encodings, seeds and rays through a lineage. Some can transmit chi or life force energy. Some can pull energy, initiate and activate divine blueprint encoding. Some can prescribe herbs and elixirs. Others can soothe the body with healing hands. Yet others love and accept you unconditionally. Some can silently hold sacred space for you. Some listen compassionately to both what is said, or not said. Some can share wisdom in council. Some teach and share knowledge and let you gather your own wisdom.

Some stitch your body back together. Some stitch your mind, others your heart and soul. Yet others sutra your Spirit. Some provide the environment for you to find your place, your essential nature, your personal medicine. Still others help you commune with others. Some help you make conscious contact with higher powers. No matter what form it takes, no matter what you are drawn to there is one thing to note... it is ALL ON YOU. No energy healer can do anything that you haven't sourced yourself. They are simply responding as angels must do... to you... to help you re-member your Self. Your WILL can either help you... if you have surrendered it to Divine Will... or hurt you. If you cannot hear the inner guidance and start to react out of control because of fear or pain you can even misuse spiritual services.

You as the client or patient are the most important part of your healing process, especially when you get others who are very focused themselves, to join forces with you to co-operate and lend energy for your healing or evolution. Thy will be done. So be very aware as you play in two worlds that your decisions and next right best step should come from a guided state... not from fear or pain driven desperation.

I have finally been able to put this into words. The Hawk clan with God the Healer has brought much wisdom to us. True healing always involves not just a disease, but also your human evolution. All things are trying to get consciousness to come into wholeness. Wholeness means honoring the parts of yourself that are silent and receptive, not just the loud parts. The miracles and the magic come from the depths of your soul. It is largely a mystery and is unknown to you. This is why meditation is a pre-requisite to healing. You have to become a master of emptying your mind, so that you can tell a new story, get on a new timeline... access a new dimension so that the old reality can phase shift out. If you want to evolve, YOU have to be able to find this higher platform. This requires silence, focus, peace and some measure of trust in a Higher Power.

by 🕀 Rev. Renee Bledsoe, Fort Meyers, Florida

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