Tobacco Teachings of the East

Wabun Golden Eagle is the Spirit Keeper of the East represented by the Sacred Herb of Tobacco. An old story tells of a Sacred Woman who was pregnant with twin boys. One represented all that is good in humans while the other represented the opposite. When it was time to be born, one son was born normally while the other kicked his way out of her side, resulting in her death. The Sacred Woman was buried by the good son. Soon after he saw growing from her body three sister plants - corn, beans, and squash. These sister plants were to provide sustenance for his people. From her forehead grew the Sacred Tobacco plant. Thus, because it came from her forehead, the Tobacco herb is considered to bring clarity when smoked.

Prayer Ties onMudjekeewis Great Grizzly Bear at West Winds Medicine Wheel

Tobacco can be a two-edged Gift. It can draw you to both good or bad if used improperly. Used properly, Tobacco can bring clarity, draw energies, absorb negativity, and transform it into positive energies. Used incorrectly by disrespecting Tobacco, it can poison you. It is a plant that must be used with respect. It does not resonate the same way by having chemicals in the Tobacco. When smoked, we only use chemical-free Tobacco. We can include some Tobacco in a Kinnikinnick mixture along with other herbs.

Tobacco Prayer Ties of Seven Sacred Colors

Tobacco is one of the most revered, sacred plants of indigenous people. When smoked in a Sacred Pipe, it binds a prayer and carries it to Creator Spirit. Tobacco is used daily by laying it down on Mother Earth, along with prayers as an offering, especially to Spirit Keepers and your Spirit Guides. Tobacco prayers are commonly given as a gift to Spirit for gratitude. A Tobacco Bundle is given to an Elder or Medicine Person as a Gift for their teaching or as a Medicine request for prayers to be made. This type of Prayer Bundle is made of red cloth and tied up with string looking like a square-shaped present.

Tobacco Prayer Ties for Sweat Lodge

Prayer Ties are made with Tobacco. Little prayer bundles are made with small pieces of colored cloth, a bit of Tobacco in it, a prayer whispered in it, then tied up with a string. The bundles can be of specific colors; red for East, yellow for South, black for West, white for North, blue for Father Sky, green for Mother Earth, and purple for Creator, the center within ourselves.

Prayer Tie Tree Blessings for Humanity

If you make Prayer Ties, listen to Creator for instructions for how many to make and which colors to use. They can be offered to any of the 4 elements. They can be hung anywhere in nature for the wind, element of air to take the prayers to Creator Spirit. They can be offered to the Earth Mother by burying them in the ground for the earth element. They can be placed in the water of a river or rain for the water element to deliver the prayers. Or they can be placed in a sacred fire for the fire element to transform the prayers. When the Prayer Bundles disintegrate, the prayer is completed and the answers will come forth as a manifestation.

Be blessed on the head by Prayer Ribbons while walking under the Prayer Tie Tree for Humanity

You can make a Prayer Tie Tree Blessing for Humanity. Make a list of all the good qualities for humanity. Whisper each quality into a prayer tie and then tie them on a tree for the wind element to carry the prayers out to humanity from Creator Spirit. The ribbons can be used to help draw those prayers from Creator then down to humanity. If humanity accepts these qualities into consciousness, then the people will treat themselves and Mother Earth with respect and love.

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