Immune Plant Medicine Part 1 - Understanding Detoxification

Supporting the Immune System

We are not only what we eat, but what we breathe. We draw in the breath of life as we share that air with all other human beings and all life on the planet. Most of the oxygen that we breathe comes from the algae in the ocean and from the trees across the planet. Our lungs breathe in oxygen to distribute it to every cell in our bodies. The cells respire by releasing carbon dioxide that remove wastes through our blood-circulatory system. The blood removes waste products through the elimination organs. Disease is the lack of oxygen and the build-up of wastes in the body. The waste must be removed by pooing it out by the bowels, breathing it out as carbon dioxide from the lungs, peeing it out from the kidneys and shedding it out from the skin.

To have healthy lungs, we need to address the heart and circulatory system regarding the quality of the blood. Secondly, we need to address the organs of elimination with the role of waste removal from the bowels, liver, kidneys, skin, lymph and lungs. When the load is heavy on these elimination organs, the blood will become more toxic. If any one of these organs becomes over-burdened, the body compensates by increasing the load on the others. There are limits to the amount of waste the lungs can put up with if, for instance, the bowels often become clogged up. A toxic body becomes a diseased body.

When the Elimination Organs become compromised with toxicity, they put extreme stress on the Immune System. As the toxicity builds up, toxic chemicals, parasites, fungi, heavy metals take residence in this supportive, toxic environment. They in turn slow the elimination of wastes through the lymph system. The Immune Army of white cells is deployed to address these invaders. It will become less effective if always being on alert. The white cells of the immune system become less active, more paralyzed and fewer in number. As the toxicity continues to build, oxygen is reduced for proper cell function while oxygen-carrying red cells become damaged. Most importantly, the cells now cannot carry sufficient oxygen into the blood and tissues. The lungs and immune system are really hoping that you will cleanse your body and take out the garbage! Why stress and overwork your precious Immune System?

You cleanse your home by cleaning the furnace air filter. You cleanse your car by an oil change with oil and air filters. You do not expect them to work efficiently without attention. So why do you expect your own body filters to always work efficiently and effectively with NO attention? The basic body filters of the blood are lungs, liver and kidneys. These filters need regular attention just like your home and car! Unfortunately, you have not been educated with this knowledge. We function in a corporate world of medical disease that does not truly teach prevention. This aspect of your life is up to you! You must obtain health literacy and take responsibility, rather than hoping to be recued by medical authorities.

You are only as healthy as the quality of your blood. When the blood gets too toxic, oxygen gases are not exchanged efficiently, therefore affecting every cell and tissue of the body. The Elimination Organs of lungs, liver and kidneys slow their function as the wastes will also affect the skin and lymph system. The lymph has to carry wastes to the kidneys but gets weakened by a low grade infection from microbial invaders due to the toxic environment, thus overtaxing the immune system.

What can I do, you say? That is simple, cleanse and support your detox organs! Remove the garbage through detoxification of the blood and elimination organs. Start by purging your bowels for one day every season. The other organs will cheer with glee that you opened the back door, let out the garbage and decreased pressure on them. Next, take some Herbal Plant Medicine that will cleanse and support these important elimination organs for a minimum of 30 days. Natural Plant Medicine was placed on this Earth by the Divine Creator for all sovereign beings to live a healthy existence. You will not perish in this modern world from a lack of vitamins, but most certainly to organ failure. Cleanse and support your elimination organs! Lighten your load and your Spirit will soar.

If you have never cleansed and detoxified before, you may want to take Plant Medicines for a continual 6 month extended time to restore strength of vitality and immunity. Then you could graduate thereafter to a 30-Day Maintenance Program of Seasonal Detoxification. Cleanse the colon for 1 day following with detox of the organs for 30 days. In this process, you will help the blood, lymph and skin by detoxifying the filters of the blood which are lungs, liver and kidneys. As you experience aging, you may want to stay on Detox Herbal Plant Medicine daily while cleansing the colon one day per month.

Many people believe that they only need to detoxify for a couple of weeks every year. However, in today’s stressful and toxic world, this is NOT enough. Just get started with a Cleansing and Detoxification Program. As you become more experienced, you will find what is effective and friendly to your specific body’s needs. Embrace the concept and do the work. You will be rewarded with strong respiratory and immune systems.

See Part 2 with suggestions for specific plant medicines.

by Joanne Brophy C.H., C.N.C. (Certified Herbalist & Certified Nutritional Consultant)

Comment: After having life threatening ovarian cancer, I took charge, got health educated and rebuilt my body. I have NOT had a flu or cold in over 30 years. You too, can do the same. Stay tuned to Part 2 with more specific information in the next Newsletter/Blog.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes on the historical uses of herbal plant medicine. It is not intended to prevent, diagnose, prescribe or treat. Please consult your physician. If you apply this information yourself, it is your constitutional right but for which I assume no responsibility.

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