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Common cold and viral flu symptoms occur often during the autumn and winter. Here are some things you can do naturally to help take care of yourself. First and foremost, if you are prone to getting a cold or flu combined with other health conditions, it is recommended to build your immune system to keep it strong. You can do this with a group of Immune Herbal Medicines called Adaptogens used as tonics to strengthen the body and help it to adapt to various stresses.


There are many Adaptogens to choose from and they can be taken for long periods of time, even autumn through winter to springtime. Adaptogens build and strengthen your immune system to fight off ill-health. The most common ones I have used are Ashwagandha, Astragalus root, Schizandra berry and Reishi mushroom. You may want to do some research to better choose one that is more specific to your condition. Ashwagandha is also great for strengthening your thyroid.

Reishi Mushroom

If you have no pre-existing health conditions, consider following the instructions on the bottle or package. But if you do have some pre-existing health conditions, consider slightly increasing the dose of your natural remedy or the frequency of your dose. In this case, you may need to seek the guidance of a professional. You can find these herbs or combinations of herbals in capsules, liquids or in bulk form at your local health food store, Amazon.com or Amazon.ca. They can also be made into tinctures or teas.


Continue with your choice of Adaptogens every day throughout the autumn and winter. In addition, consider taking an antiviral herb such as Elderberry along with a great respiratory herb such as Osha root. It has been used as a medicine by Native American and Hispanic cultures for centuries. Osha historically has been used for sore throat, bronchial issues, cough, common cold and common influenza.


I prepare my herbal medicines mostly during full moons, but every time I am out in my gardens, whether I'm weeding or harvesting, I appreciate them. I feel so connected to Gaia our Earth Mother! Much gratitude is given to the medicine that she gives us. Love, Gratitude and Reiki is used in every process of making my tinctures, salves and poutices. There are many wonderful herbs available, but these are my favorite plant medicines.

 Osha Root

Please Note:

If you get the flu and it is very symptomatic, uncomfortable or worrisome, self isolate and be sure to consult your Physician. If you are not sure if these herbals are friendly to your medications, do your research and consult your Pharmacist.

Stay healthy!

Article by Peggy Jones,

Master Herbalist & Teacher of Medicinal Herbs

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